Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
is the work of improving your search engine rankings on Google and other internet search browsers, While most people still think of it as the cyberspace of the internet a mysterious   digital world where the key is finding some  genius who can magically use the web to put you first in Google. This is not to downplay the idea of high rankings 
(after all, many of you got to this site by Googling “web design Bellingham”). But today’s SEO process is about legitimate search engine  techniques, not risky gimmicks. At CYEX, we focus on building you a responsive  website that deserves to rank well.
We believe in the desirable type website viewers, not “total numbers.”
We’d rather send a 200 hundred people to your website and land  20 customers than send a thousands and snare only 10. (Sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many web groups do not do it that way.)

We're 100% Green
and believe in sustainability. We’re not talking about only the environment ( we believe in that also). We’re talking about avoiding that SEO temptation of the “quick jump in views only” and not sustainable SEO efforts that pay off slowly but consistently well into the future.
We believe in local.
We stay on top of every search nuance in grabbing customers who are physically near you, from showing your location in Google Maps to knowing local search terms (e.g. “Twin Cities” for “Minneapolis”).

We understand mobile search engines.
This is a new era for the internet
 mobile device searches far exceeds desktop searches. Our goal is to maximize your effectiveness on every device platform and every screen, but we pay a lot of attention to mobile search since thats where users are searching more in today's marketplace.
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