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Logo Branding
Your logo is your company’s visual identity. It’s what folks will remember when they think of your brand. We develop beautiful and gripping logos that will set your brand apart from the competition . We give it 150% and provide a sharp memorable mark.

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Nadia's Gift
Non Profit Gifting Organization

Nadia’s Gift is a  non profit group whose purpose is to provide help and support for parents and family of children with cancer. 
They came to us to design an elegant, soft  brand approach that would portray their sincere desire to work providing support.

Our approach was to portray hope and freedom to help . We carefully chose and illustrative
approach and font design along with color visuals. We wanted a mark that spoke directly to its audience  for needed support.
We build many of our logos from scratch using  a rough sketch to idea board approach
Our Design starts with sketches on an idea board and then proceeds to proofs of ideas in Adobe Illustrator.
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Wild River Brewery

The folks at the Wild River Brewing Co. hired us to design a new logo and  full product branding for the label and  
product packaging of popular ESB. Wild River is a cask brewery and this was the first ale to go public as a shelve product.
A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form, and should convey one message . An effective logo usually has a concept, or meaning behind the logo, that allows it to communicate the intended message. It should be printable at any size and be effective without color.

With these things in mind, it would be safe to say that a great logo usually comes down two things: a great concept and great execution.

When creating a logo, we follow a logo design process that ensures the final design suits the client’s needs (not their wants). 

After reviewing notes from our initial meeting We will provide a round of logo comps. These will be a variety of different ideas designed and presented to you in order to choose your direction. Two additional rounds of design are included after the first
We take our time and we get it get it right!
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