video animation & market branding

The Folks at Hack [in] SiGHTIT Security requested us to design and build a 60 second video for them to market their IT security Magazine for email and social media promotion. Having designed the covers for their monthly magazines we understood the graphic approach required . We needed to develop  a cool video and to get everything said in 60 seconds.
  • We built the animation in Adobe Flash using 1250 frames. 
  • We first created multiple deigns and a series of story boards prior to keep the flow and direction of the video on course. 
  • Our objective was to keep it fun and aim it at the IT hacking audience who would reviewing it.
"Jim is an experienced graphic designer who contributes to Hack Insight Magazine. His work is highly creative & professional 
I am sure that our cooperation will continue with the same professional efficiency!

Paweł Płocki
CEO & Founder of Hack Insight Press
       We developed the illustrative brand for video entrance
We reviewed dozens of mp 3 music loops and 
decided on one off an album called "Hackers  Rush".
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