wild river

 [ We did a complete trademark
re-brand to give a  visual dynamic
 to the bottle neck labeling. ]

Wild River Brewery
Eagle River, Alaska

The folks at the Wild River Brewing Co. hired us to create a full product branding for their popular ESB. Wild River is a cask brewery and this was the first ale to go public as a shelve product.

We researched many exciting stories and legends during the rugged time of the Klondike Gold Rush. We found that Amazingly, over 100 years later, the spirit of Alaskans is still displayed in the love for adventure, prospecting and mining for gold. The methods may have changed, but the frontier and adventurous  spirit is still as vibrant today as it was during those Gold Rush days of 1898.

We created the branding of Prospector ESB  to reflect 
the  Gold Rush spirit  of 1898
"We came to Jim Steele | CYEX 
to help create a unique brand for Wild River, one that had 
the feel, and spirit of Old Alaska. They did a great job on the trademark, label and bottle packaging look for our ESB. 
I hope to use them again."
Marty Quill / Brewmaster
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