Graphic Design

 Award Winning
Local Northwest Since 1995

We are firm believers in the marketing power of visual communication and functional graphic design. We're up to date proficient in all the latest design software. 

We believe in the power of the "right image", 
and as creative graphic designers, our mission with every client is to provide him or her with the tools to create a dynamic brand within today's highly competitive marketplace. We collaborate with the best  professionals around for a variety of our projects’ goals.

Commercial Artists
We are commercial artists, and as such our primary responsibility is to our client, as well as to his product, which we have agreed to promote. We also keep in mind the equal responsibility we have as creative artists to do what artists have always done: to consider, reflect, and create an original piece which communicates its message in a dynamic fashion.
James Steele / Director
Jim is the chief creative officer of Cyex Design. His expert and innovative design solutions have garnered him and his company a variety of web and print awards, both nationally and internationally. His website designs have brought him "Best on the Web" ratings and Australia's "Flash Dog Award". In 2010, Cyex was given a Seattle's "Top 10" web award. He has also won a variety of "Golden Web Awards" presented annually by the International Web Designers Guild. His trademark and print designs have won a variety of graphic achievement awards.
He is a member of the Graphic Artist Guild, FLASH Designers Guild, and the International Association of Web Designers and Developers. He creates to the highest standards of those organizations. 
             POSTER AWARD
Web Awards
2010 (Seattle Web Design Guide) Top 10 Flash Award
Who's Who on The Web "Best of the Web" - 2 awards
Flash winner - Extreme Flash
Flash - Gold Excellence site award
Flash Dog Web Award
Golden Web Award ( IWDDA)
Best Organization Site
Best Festival Site
Best Consultant Site
Best Self Promo Site -2 awards
Cool Site Award - 2 awards
Site of Gold Award

Print Awards
LA -Golden Crane Award
ADGA award
NGAA award
Extreme Graphics Magazine Logo Design
Illustrative Graphics Design Annual Product Brochure
NBP Graphic Excellence Award Cover Art
Omni Award ( CD intro )
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